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How do I order the compulsory auto insurance?

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  • Step one: Fill in the form with the required data and you will discover the perfect RCA for you!
  • Step two: Choose the desired insurance. Do not forget to check the discount section to see if you can take advantage of some discounts. If you can put yourselves for a certain type of discount, just put a check on that box and than press the "Refresh offer" button.
  • Step three: Fill in the contact data for ordering the RCA policy. The phone confirmation of the order: in maximum one hour from your order, you will be contacted for a verbal confirmation, every day from 09:00 until 18:00 hours. For the confirmation of the online orders made after our time schedule, you will be reached the next day.
  • Step four: In maximum 30 minutes from the order confirmation, you will receive on the e-mail or fax, a copy after the insurance, valid until you will receive the original. The insurance policy can be picked up in our agency or can be received with the courier.
  • Step five: It takes only 3 minutes to choose and buy the perfect insurance for you and for your car.

How do I pay the insurance?

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  • 1: Online, with Visa, MasterCard or Maestro (there are NO commissions taken from the card owners)
  • 2: Cash, in our own agency or payback at delivery.
  • 3: Payment through payment order.
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