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  • Whatdoes RCA mean? In the next explanations we will use the word RCA for the compulsory car insurance.

  1. Why are there so big differences between prices posted at different insurance companies?

    Once Romania entered E.U., the insurance market became open, so each insurance company acquired the right to establish their own price: according to their price policy, costs, the desire to grab some market share, and so on. The General Conditions for the compulsory auto insurance are the same everywhere, the maximum amounts assured are the same, the only difference consists of the price of the insurance policy and the insurance company's name that appears on the policy.

  2. What is bonus-malus?

    It is a system that works in Romania since 2010, according to which drivers who will not cause damage to on the RCA policy will receive a discount from the basic price, but it can not exceed 50% , and customers that caused a damage will receive a malus, meaning an increase in the price of the insurance can not be greater than 100%.

  3. I would like to sign a rca contract with you. What should I do?

    You have two choices: either come to our agency or fill out the online order, pay online by credit card, we send you on e-mail or by fax the scanned rca policy and then you will receive the original policy by courier.

  4. What is the mutual settlement?

    The mutual settlement creates the legal way which simplifies the procedure for solving the case for the road events that meet the following conditions: no more than 2 vehicles involved, no body damage and the two sides get along. Therefore taking care of the problem will be the guilty insurant's insurance company, no longer being necessary the police involvement. In case the two sides do not get along or more then two vehicles are involved, classical procedure is followed.

  5. I sold the car, and the RCA policy was still valid. Can I recover money for the period of time remaining?

    Of course! By contacting your insurance company where you have signed the policy, you get back the money for the period of time remaining, in case you had no damage on the respective RCA policy.

  6. If I had lost my RCA, what should I do?

    Contact the company who signed the policy to issue a duplicate. If the policy was completed through our office or site, please contact us!

  7. Do I pay V.A.T. taxes for my rca policy?

    No, you won't, the insurance policy are V.A.T. free.

  8. When does my insurance policy start being valid?

    If the car is new of will be registered in the days to come, the policy starts being valid, the same day you sign it, otherwise, not earlier than next day.

  9. What is the minimum period of closure for the RCA policy?

    The minimum period is six months. For cars that will have red numbers can be completed on a month!

  10. In which countries is the international motor insurance card valid?

    The international motor insurance card is valid in all E.U. countries. If you plan to travel more often in non-EU countries, there are some insurance companies that do not cover on the standard international motor insurance card these countries. Countries which are not valid on the international motor insurance card are cut with an "X".

  11. The discount for retired people, how much is it and what is the proof needed to get it?

    The discount for retired people differs from one insurance company to another, and may be between 20 % and 50%. The proof needed is the retirement rent coupon that must be attached to the insurance policy that remains at the insurance company.

  12. Is it possible to make a RCA policy for the car from another country?

    All insurance companies in Romania are not allowed to conclude RCA policies for cars registered in another country.

  13. Why is it compulsory to have a RCA policy?

    The purpose of this insurance is that the injured to receive mandatory compensations for damages, regardless of the financial situation of the person who caused the damage. Regarding this, the car insurance is the third party interests and but also in the interests of the one that caused the damage.

  14. What is a standard international motor insurance?

    The Standard International Motor Insurance is an insurance valid only outside Romania. Based on this insurance, the there are given compensations for the amounts which the insured is forced to give away for property damage or personal injury as a result of the traffic accidents occurred abroad. Also, in case of a civil process, the expenses made by the insured are recovered.

  15. Authorized Individuals pay the rca insurance premium as they are individuals or companies?

    The authorized individuals pay the insurance premium corresponding to Individuals if they are recorded with their personal number and the insurance premium for companies if they have a fiscal identification number.

  16. If the car is driven by another person, is the RCA policy valid?

    Yes, the car will be covered by the car insurance if the person who is diving the car, has a valid driving license for that category.

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